Monday, August 29, 2005

Setting up class

One of the biggest hurdles in getting ready for the year is always setting up the computers. With 15 in my room, it's like setting up a small lab. I'm pretty good with all the wires by now, but this year's big challenge was working around a new heater, which changed the location of 8 of the computers. Four hours later, I had replaced a table, sawed off 8 table legs (and part of the chalkboard tray), and was ready to start hooking up wires. A couple of pictures, both sides of my classroom:

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Kevin Crozier @ Coe said...


Good going on the computers. Wireless anyone?

I had 12 iMacs last year at a 2:1 ratio, kids paired at one table with one computer.

FINALLY, I got to a 1:1 ratio last spring!!! With 4 from the school and 8 from a grant, I took the dive and a loan to get a cart of 10 laptops and a few eMacs, plus a G4 tower from a relative. In a sense, I drive an old truck and use my car money for technology. Can't wait to get going this year.

I also have a set-up where 15 line the walls and 10 kids sit in the middle on futons /couches with laptops. It seems to work well. Below is a link to my room.

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