Thursday, August 04, 2005

Inspiration and plane tickets

Today I got the CD and documentation for 15 copies of Inspiration. So all my classroom computers and my home computer will have it on them. Now I really have to buckle down and study this stuff. I did look at a couple of online tutorials that seem promising. I wonder where the $ will come from to buy copies for all the classrooms at school, like our tech plan stipulates :) It's been SO long since I actually purchased a software program! I installed it on this laptop, and it seems to run just fine, so I imagine the PIII' s in the classroom will be pretty zippy. Must remember to fax in the license agreement.

Then I just made another reservation from Seattle to Hartford. My saved itinerary on Expedia jumped from $403 this morning to $1,400 this evening, so I scurried around and got a good deal ($437) on
Continental. Man, it's unnerving being your own travel agent. Good news is I'm earning frequent flyer miles on the same airline as last time. I know i'll be doing this trip a lot more frequently in the near future, helping out with my folks and my brother...

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