Wednesday, June 13, 2012


8 - Cross-posted from Biking to School, where you can catch up on my retirement thoughts, starting in 20, and counting backward:

Today was the Jr. Seahawk News Reporter Party, a celebration and thank you to the kids who've participated as classroom reporters for our monthly school newsletter. It was a wild, noisy, loud music, junk food event that parents might shudder at, but kids will talk about for a long time. I've been doing this for many years. I have to enlist my own classroom reporters to serve as party helpers and to man the gates, checking kids' names off the invitation list before giving them a plate and letting them in the room. It was great fun. And a total mess.

As I was doing final cleanup, I came across this paper airplane on the floor:
Thanks for the party
The kids know I'm retiring, so some asked me about next year, and would there be a party? I told them I did not know, it will be up to the teacher who continues the newspaper.

I hope it continues and stays online, as it is "The oldest continuously published elementary school student newspaper on the Internet!"

Eight days left to be a teacher.

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