Wednesday, August 04, 2010

New look, new mix

This blog has not had much ed/tech content lately.

Well, I got a new phone, and had to do as much as I could with it of course.... then there's been Facebook, lots of stuff going on there.... Twitter is still very much in my new mix... then Posterous came along for me and I found I could post everything everywhere, instantly, via email, especially easy on my phone.

As a result, and also because of the intensity (no, difficulty) of the past school year personally and professionally, this blog has been content silent.

I hope to change that. I have more time right now. My next school year (my 30th year teaching) will be a better one, I'm pretty sure of that.

So here's to a new look, more frequent incredibly insightful posts - ha, and who knows what else...

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