Monday, December 29, 2008

XO Laptop grows on

Thanks to Janice for pointing out this moving TED piece from Nicholas Negroponte. In Columbia, December, 2008:

We are so lucky in the US. Curiously, there are a few of us teachers who want to use these laptops with our kids right here in the good old USA, because we see the potential, too. Here's a post where I documented and linked all the writing I did about using the XO in my third grade classroom over the past year.

If you are a G1G1 donor and want to donate the XO you got to a US classroom - that will use it and appreciate it every day - drop me a line. - Mark

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Bob Cotter said...

Very nice video, Mark. I wonder if the one I donated last year at this time was in the video ;-).

I enjoy reading the various stories you post about your class use of these wonderful devices. My three year old grand daughter certainly enjoys using hers.

Mark Ahlness said...

Bob, don't you just wonder about where those XO's ended up? I think if OLPC were able to add a tracking system to let G1G1 donors know exactly where their donations went, it would be very, very powerful. Have a great New Year! - Mark