Sunday, November 23, 2008

This and That

Lincoln Park, Nov '08bAs I get my thoughts together, I'm reminded of the practice I used to use here, of highlighting blog posts I'd read - that I thought others would find interesting. I know many do that sort of thing these days.

This isn't about what others might necessarily find interesting or informative. What follow are a few events that have stayed in my forward, conscious, day to day thinking over the past few days. As you will see by the list, my life is very scattered right now, so when something sticks around for a while, I figure it's time to note it.
  • Julie Amero - state of CT finally dropped felony charges (4 years later!)
  • College football - the U. of Wash, one of my alma maters, is one of the worst in the country
  • Graham Wegner's post - on the Edublog nominations, I will go back here for more (Dan Meyer's stuff - wow)
  • Classblogmeister ning - decision to go private vs. public (= loss of rss - ouch!)
  • Lynn's battle w/leukemia - a colleague at my school - am trying to help a little, w/tech
  • OLPC G1G1 - a big buzz around the XO, as it is now available again
  • Solar Panel frustrations with my XO's - forum discussions here, here, and here
  • Report cards - in the midst of parent conferences, my third graders blogged about fear, rewards, and why...

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