Monday, October 13, 2008

Long Shots

It's been a flurry of long shots lately:
All last minute of course, and all with about an equal chance of happening - like real small. But there was still something good about doing this anyway.

Long ShotSome are forced into taking long shots, for their very survival. Take this juvenile American Golden-Plover, for instance. A first record in our county says this guy is a little lost here. But he's hung out in a field for several days. Will he get to his wintering ground? A long shot, certainly, but he has no choice. Northern Canada to southern South America (map) is a long ways.

So what's the charge, the rush, the goodness, in taking a long shot when you don't need to? For me,
  • I learn more about what truly matters to me when I'm willing to invest a big chunk of time I really don't have.
  • I stretch my learning, by clearly defining my beliefs and passions, and putting them into words that are understandable to others.
  • I get to experience caring deeply about something, and then have to let go of it all. And I'm still standing at the end. It's kind of a character building thing.
  • Of course if any of the long shots comes to pass, the resultant joy is pretty tough to top.
So I wish the the little plover a safe journey the rest of the way. If I could somehow transfer any of my karmic long shot chances over to increasing his odds of making it, I would. Actually, I just did.

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I took the long shot with Best Buy's grant a couple of years ago and GOT IT ($2500) -- was able to purchase A/V equipment that launched our class' podcasting adventure. Good luck with the long shots!