Friday, February 29, 2008

Note to Room Twelve

I posted this on my classroom blog at the start of my second day out of my classroom, to attend NCCE 2008. The kids could not see the picture because Flickr is blocked in our district - and hence, could not see our FOURTH XO laptop. OMG, wait 'til Monday.... (thanks, Glenn and Tami!). This was the first time in several years I'd missed a day of school. My anxiety was obviously higher than my kids'.

Getting ready for NCCE day 2Hi Room Twelve, this is Mr. Ahlness. I talked with Mrs. Luke last night, and she said things went really well in class on Thursday, and that many of you were very helpful to her and each other. Wow! That sure made me feel good - nice job.

And your writing - oh my goodness! I checked my email at 1:30 in the middle of my presentation (to about 50 teachers), and there were 28 messages!! I approved a couple, some we looked at quickly and decided to wait on, but most we did not even get to - sorry! You wrote so much!! You should be proud of yourselves.

I'm about to hop on the bus to go back downtown, but I thought I'd leave a little picture for you. You won't be able to see it at school on Friday, but maybe you can check from home over the weekend. See you Monday! - Mr. A.



Dr. Glenn E. Malone said...

Tami and I'll be watching while your students fix-up her laptop. :)

Looking forward to great things!

Glenn :)

Poison Shirt said...

Thanks for sharing your classroom at NCCE - I appreciate the many insights and positive motivation you provided in your session. You clearly have done great things with your 3rd graders. I will be sharing the roomtwelve blog with my 3rd grade classes to give them something to reach for. So, thanks!

Mark Ahlness said...

Poison shirt, thanks, I'll be posting more about the conference here soon. Good luck to you!

Glenn, millions of thanks! Tami's laptop now has the latest build, Opera installed, and is ready to take a spin in my third grade classroom.

That XO user group is Welcome to SeaXO. Be sure to fill out the "sign-up form" to get on their mailing list. Thanks again - Mark