Thursday, November 29, 2007

One long day

The point to this post is twofold: to chronicle an extraordinary day, and to remember.

Chilly StartI started out the day freezing, as usual, because the heat in our school is wacko (like mostly not on). Temps outside are in the 30's and 40's. The Music Room was 56 F this morning.

Heat SourceThe staff room temp was again about 50, the only heat later coming from a space heater I have put in there. There has been no heat in our staff lounge for over 8 days.

All I want for Christmas...While I was ticked off at being so cold, I took a shot of one of the windows in my classroom. The duct tape is failing again, and I'm out. It's all I want for Christmas...

Thank goodness for the kids!!! We muddled through another mysterious Everyday Math lesson, and then got on to the business of writing... close to finishing up a short "How To" piece, complete with rough draft on paper, a paper storyboard, and a blogged version. The kids have done well. This is all in preparation for their "How to make a six sided snowflake" PowerPoint presentations they will start next week. and hopefully followed with our first video versions of the same. I have big hopes here, but I am worried about it being just too much for the kids so early in the school year. However, they continue to surprise me...
Computer repairNew Motherboards
In the afternoon in my classroom, I had the motherboards replaced on 4 of my Dell Gx 280's by school district staff. Turns out two of the machines may well have had memory, and not motherboard, problems. Oh well, knowledge is helpful. Thanks Barry and Sylvester!

My day ended at the Second Annual Arbor Heights Elementary Holiday Bazaar. It was great fun, shopping all the vendors, watching and listening to our great choir... I bought a couple of great holiday candles (from a current parent), and a pair of earrings (from a former parent). A hug from one of my super kids on the way out sealed the day as one to remember.

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