Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blogging through 2006-07: Part 4

This is part of a series, so far consisting of:
Blogging through 2006-07: Intro
Blogging through 2006-07: Part 1
Blogging through 2006-07: Part 2
Blogging through 2006-07: Part 3
Links to posts from this blog are in green, links to posts from my classroom blog are in red.

  • May, 2007: The kids' writing this month was almost exclusively on their "books" for our school's annual Young Author's Conference. Taking a chance, I posted (actually cross-posted to both blogs, something I did occasionally throughout the year) Publishing Drafts. I encouraged the kids to post drafts of parts of their books, like say a chapter, on their blogs - and ask readers for feedback. Several kids did this, and a couple even got feedback via comments. Will do this more in the future, I think. Mid-month I wrote about My Trip to Toronto, a definite personal highlight from the year.

  • June, 2007: I posted some final thoughts and another podcast on silent reading online in SSR 2.0 - final update. One of the easiest pieces for the kids to write was to talk about their blogs - blogs in general, why they should keep them, why blogs are good, etc - they were all over the map in their approaches to this. It was good: Third graders on blogging. My frustrations with the district filter spilled out once again in Kids too? With little more than a week to go in the school year, I put on Family Internet Night 2 (cross-posted). Finally getting around to getting parent permission for their kids pictures to appear on the web, in a multi media frenzy, I posted a podcast in Good-bye, Mrs. Freeman! , a short video in The Room Twelve Cheer! (crossposted), and 14 pictures in a Bubbleshare slideshow, Here we are... The month ended, appropriately enough, with It's not over. And it's not. It's mid July as I write this... just approved a comment to an article written by one of the kids I no longer teach...

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