Friday, December 08, 2006

Men Bake Better

The holiday season is fast approaching, and men all over are scrambling for their recipe books. You can feel the excitement in the air. Guys are counting heads, multiplying by 12.... Women teachers are asking the men on their staff what it's going to be this year...

It is time for the Men's Cookie Exchange! Men baking cookies and exchanging them with other men. At schools, where we are in a minority, especially at the elementary level. We have been left out for way too long...

Men's Cookie ExchangeThis holiday tradition has been going on for some time - about ten years. A couple of years ago we were even featured on The Food Network on a Sara Moulton Holiday Special! Here are a few behind the scenes pictures of the shoot at my house and in my classroom.

There is a web site with pictures and stories from the past eight years:

On that site you will find lots of mouth watering pictures, recipes, tips, complete instructions - even a song!

So do stop by, and by all means, join in! There is now of course a wiki: It has just been started up, and we hope to hear from others joining in on the fun. Please feel free to contribute, add pictures of your own exchange, recipes, maybe a podcast of your exchange - the sky's the limit!

This is for real. Our exchange at Arbor Heights this year is scheduled for December 13th after school. We should have six bakers this year, which will be great. There are times when you just have to throw political correctness out the window, and have some good fun. Please - spread the word!

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