Sunday, November 20, 2005

Barred owl loss in Lincoln Park

Barred owl in LIncoln Park
Barred owl in LIncoln Park,
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Sad news to report today. Janeanne and I were walking in Lincoln Park today, ran into park regular and friend Chris... who had sad news to tell. A couple of weeks ago he had told us that the barred owl (he called her Sophie) was sitting on the ground in a field, and he was able to walk right up to her. Turns out, later that day, someone else actually picked up the owl, took her to a shelter - but she died before she got there. They think maybe of internal injuries - might have been hit by a car.

Anyway, we are very sad today. We had seen her in the park for the last six years or so, hunting on at least three occasions, eating on a few more... We will still look at her roost atop a tree in the redwood grove, where we saw her dozens of times. That's where she sits in this picture, which I took about a month before she died.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a Barred Owl at Lincoln Park today. Someone said it is a male. Could it be the mate? I've heard owls there before, but this was my first sighting. Will take camera next time.