Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The world is not as flat as I thought

Well, I think I managed to alienate most anybody I've spoken with about technology in the past couple of days - from asking the upstairs teachers at school not to put a table with a paper cutter in front of the white board in the computer lab - to probably every secondary teacher, tech support person, and tech administrator in the district (see previous post). Tomorrow I lead a discussion of tech issues at our building staff meeting. I've prepared and emailed everybody the key points, but we need at least half a day to get anywhere on this, and I have 20 minutes. I know folks will be frustrated. And then to pass on the news they will not get what I told them they would be getting.

I still don't know how my approach to literacy can possibly fit in to our building mandated adoption of a writing curriculum with no tech component.

It's funny how the wind can go out of your sails so quickly. I started the year so high on technology - exciting ideas, sparked by inspirational educators, I just couldn't wait to get back in the classroom and get after it.

I have to find the spark again. Time to follow some blogs more closely, read some more.

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