Monday, July 25, 2005

Downers Grove Summit

David Warlick is hosting a workshop in Downers Grove for the next coupla days. I remember visiting my cousins in Downers Grove when I was growing up inthe 50's. I'm very interested in what David will probably be demonstrating - and wishing we could have him at my school - or in Seattle. As with NECC, I'll participate by reading and listening to what they make public.

I'm still struggling mightily with how I am going to deal with a school adopted writing program (for a fair chunk of change) that has no tech component. I am ready to move out on my own, with 16 licenses for Inspiration, a classroom blog spot ready to go on blogmeister, digital camera ready to add spice and incentive, plenty of ideas and experience with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.... It was a 30 to 1 vote to go for this program next year, so I will have no backing from my colleagues. There is so much I'd like to try and explain about where literacy is NOW - and why our kids deserve to be taught with the tools of today, etc, etc....

We are all supposed to have the kids writing with a pencil in Mead notebooks every day. I think I'll contact the folks running the program (Powerful Writers) and see how flexible they are willing to be.

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